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Our Purpose

Succeeding is failing countless times without loss of enthusiasm. That certainly applies to trading, and it is why at Fear & Greed we aim to help you accelerate your learning so you can strike out on your own succesfully.

We all have hopes and dreams, but many of them may not come to pass unless we can underpin them with money.  This is where the stock market comes into play. Since 1926, the stock market has averaged a 10 percent return on investment, well ahead of bonds, treasury bills and savings.

Retail investors typically invested through wealth managers, but having worked for one of the largest investment managers in the world in various senior exec positions, Nirnaeth realised that they did not serve individual investors well. This is why he founded Fear & Greed.

After all, trading by yourself is one of the most difficult things you will do.

It requires you to look in the mirror and to master your twin emotions of Fear and Greed. At a more tangible level, it requires a deep understanding of market mechanics, technical analysis, options flow, and risk management. Whilst these are difficult concepts that take years to master, we also believe that with the right guidance everyone can be successful.

This is why we are a trading community like no other.

We do not just sell trade signals and hope to lock you into a subscription for years. We have succeeded when you have learnt from us, and can strike out on your own. That is why we give you the "why" and "what", but also help you understand the "how" and "when". We want you to make money but, more importantly, we want you to learn.

We are here to help. After all, everyone deserves a better financial future.